Town of Albany
Abel Schultz, Chairman (608-289-8458)
Robb Spangler, Supervisor (608-862-2112)
Ron Krupke, Supervisor (608-862-3966)
Bonnie Zee, Clerk (608-862-3322)
Grace Spangler, Treasurer (608-862-2112)
Planning Commission Members
Randy Bump, Chairman (608-862-2341)
Joe Dunphy, Vice Chair
Jason Cleasby, Secretary
Doug Lawrence
Wolfgang Pavlok
Brian Flannery, Building Inspector
cell: 608-558-1833
Gardiner Appraisal
608-943-8009 or 888-756-9726
Greg Hofmeister
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Albany Town Hall
N6065 CTH "E"
Albany, WI  53502
ph: (608) 862-3000